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Winter Washer Fluids

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  • Winter Washer Fluids

    I wish I lived in Arizona..
    For those that are not so lucky & now preparing for old man winter...
    It is time to carry a good windshield scraper & convert to Winter Washer Fluids & possible additives.
    Find a good -40c washer fluid.
    If you find that still freezes (including spray nozzles)...
    You can add some Isopropyl Alcohol or Prestone has a De-Icer with a dirt blocker.

    I try to let the vehicle warm up for 5 minutes, before driving away.
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    Everclear in the washer tank helps too.

    195 proof, 90% corn grain alcohol.

    My bad, its 190 proof, 95% corn grain alcohol.
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    2002 Chevrolet S-10 350 V8


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      Wow That Everclear freezing point is -173.2 F Isopropyl alchol is -128.2 F


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        And to think it is made for human consumption...

        Click image for larger version

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        2002 Chevrolet S-10 350 V8


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          I remember moving from where the "Winter Formula" was down to zero degrees Fahrenheit to where it is -20F at Walmart. I've never had it freeze, even at -30, but now, thanks to this, I'll know what to do if it gets colder and does give me a problem.

          The first time I ran into frozen washer fluid, I had just come out of the West side of the Eisenhower Tunnel in my truck, on my first trip back from where I was moving to. Slimy Magnesium Chloride and dirt and snow and who knows what else. I twisted the stalk for some spray and nothing . . . except the dissatisfying smearing of goo across the windshield. I could hear the pump running, so I assumed that twenty years was enough and a hose came undone or something.

          Since I only had a small streak of visibility and no spray, I pulled over. I turned the defroster on high and hot, got out, grabbed a handful of snow, and wiped most of the goo away. At first I planned to just stop every so often and do this again as needed. As I pulled back into traffic I realized that the goo came from somewhere, primarily the spray behind semi trucks. Why don't I just hang close behind them until I get into warmer air?

          I stayed about three seconds behind one the whole way down, and it worked perfectly. Did the same on Vail pass.

          Sprayers thawed somewhere before Glenwood Springs and then a quick stop in Rifle at the Walmart to get some super-duper winter formula washer fluid and what do I find? Super-duper winter formula was there, but also my normal Winter Formula, except in the high country it's rated for -20F !

          Very clever, The Walmart!

          I bought four gallons.